Welcome to my site

London Festival of Architecture, Canadian High Commission

I am Richard Barran, a freelance web developer based in St Albans, close to London, UK.

I specialise in creating websites with the popular Django web framework, and more generally in writing Python code.I work both as an independent web developer, creating turnkey sites for customers, and as a contractor, working as part of a team on larger projects.


Website developer

See my portfolio page for some examples of sites that I have created. I play to the strengths of the Django framework, specialising in sites that require a significant amount of customisation: e.g. user management, interfacing with third-party systems, internationalisation.


You can find a good resume on my LinkedIn profile which lists the projects I've recently been involved with; I'm also listed on Django People.

A self-proclaimed code monkey, I am flexible and can code, configure servers, talk to end users & interpret their requirements, design systems, and more.

I have contributed over many years to several open-source projects, and I am currently the maintainer of django-photologue.

Please contact me if you have a Django-related project underway.